●  International music competition Italy Treviso 2011: 1. prize
●  National music competition Slovenia (TEMSIG) 2009: 1st prize,           golden plaque - Chamber music (Flute quartet)
●  International music competition in Serbia 2005: 1st prize,
    100/100 points
●  National music competition Slovenia (TEMSIG) 2007: 1st prize,           golden plaque
●  International music competition in Serbia 2006: 1st prize
●  National music competition Slovenia (TEMSIG) 2004: 1st prize,           golden plaque
●  International music competition in Serbia 2009: 2nd prize
●  International music competition Svirel 2011: 2. prize
●  International music competition Svirel 2012: 2. prize
●  International music competition EMONA 2013: 2. prize


● Imperial Symphony Orchestra; Lakeland, FL         2017-present
   2nd Flute/Piccolo

● Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra; Orlando, FL       2017-present
   Sub, Flute

●  Central Florida Lyric Opera; The Villages, FL        2018-present            Sub, Flute

● Orlando Concert Band; Orlando, FL                        2016-present
   1st Flute Section

​​🎼​ Biography ​​

From a very young age I discovered my lifelong passion for performing as a flutist.  I was fortunate that my home country of Slovenia allowed me to actively pursue the art of music throughout my scholastic career.

I began competing by the age of thirteen; under the guidance of Professor Puconja claiming the gold plaque my first  performance in a National competition TEMSIG. When I started highschool I was brought under the tutelage of Professor Pogacnik who had spent his career before becoming a teacher as first flute for the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. During that time i was active as well in the Slovenian Flute Quartet where I won numerous awards in both national and international competitions. Due to the amount of accolades I received I was accepted to the Academy of Music in Ljubljana where I won the International competition in Italy Treviso before receiving my Bachelor's degree under Professor Zupan. Professor Zupan had retired a year before from his position as principal flutist for RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. Those numerous awards also granted me a scholarship for gifted musicians and I was able to receive my Master's degree under Professor Grahek who is the current principal flutist for the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra.
During this time as well I actively participated in masterclasses held by some of the most esteemed flutists in the world:
●  James Galway (N Ireland), 
●  Emmanuel Pahud (Switzerland/France),
●  Janos Balint (Hungary), 
●  Leone Buyse (USA)
●  Petri Alanko (Finland),
●  Benoit Fromanger (France),
●  Peter Lucas Graf (Switzerland),
●  Nina Assimakopoulos (USA), 
●  Andrea Oliva (Italy),
●  Julien Beaudiment (France).

Towards the end of my studies I met my husband Jeff who was stationed in Italy having returned from Afghanistan serving with the renowned 173rd Airborne Infantry. After I received my Master's degree I moved to the United States where Jeff is now pursuing his Bachelors of Science for Cinematography.

I have been a teacher for three years in Slovenia and then for a brief period in Connecticut before we moved down to Orlando for my husband's education. I feel great pride in passing along my passion to the next generation and watching them succeed while falling in love with the gift of music. This job is a lifelong dream and I put my whole heart and soul into the development of everyone of my students. I would love nothing more than to be given the opportunity to show how magical this instrument can be to you or your child.